The New Got Wills

I'm going to try something new here... My blog, well, it's going to become very unbloggy. What I mean to say is, my blog is now going to just be a set of articles. Plain old HTML files with a common style and format.

The thing is... I'm tired of messing with WordPress, don't get me wrong, I still think WordPress is a great piece of software, it's just not for me. I prefer to do my editing in VIM. I like to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript... I mean, it's what I do.

I know, I know... I'm going to be missing a lot of functionality, like comments (I've had like 4 real comments), guest authors (umm, not likely), writing from any computer (that's what SSH is for), tags, categories, blah, blah... The thing is, I wasn't really even writing anymore, because it wasn't fun. Since I've started using VIM full-time for editing my code (about 2 and half years ago) it's all that I want to use to edit text. I'm also hosting this site on a very VERY old server. We're talking Pentium (before they started numbering them) with 768 MB RAM. Not great for database driven web sites (or anything else that's very modern, for that matter).

If you want to comment on an article, feel free to tweet about, post to Google Plus, or Facebook... or you can fire an email to, if it clears my spam filter, I'll probably read it. If I think it adds value for other readers, I'll probably add it to the article... Sounds painful, but I don't expect it to happen a lot.

So, there you have it folks... Get ready for a whole new Got Wills. I'll be adding some style and script in the coming days (or weeks, we'll see).